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 +====== Guido Castelnuovo,​ A Classic Revisited: Nobility, Heredity and Virtue from Aristotle to Dante and Bartolo (Communal Italy, early 13th – mid 14th Century) ====== 
 +At least since the middle of the 13th century, the age-old debate over 
 +the true essence of nobility became a major issue of urban politics and 
 +society in communal Italy. One of the primary aims of this paper is to 
 +present the cultural context which has subsisted over a long period (from 
 +Aristotle to Seneca, from Boethius to the scholastics) that inspired 
 +thought of Italian intellectuals on the nature of nobility, from Brunetto 
 +Latini to Dante and Bartolo da Sassoferrato. In this way, certain guide- 
 +lines are presented for the study of that engrossing theme of cultural 
 +geneology, the old and recent controversy over two apparently conflict- 
 +ing ideas of nobility: the heredity of noble lineage and the nobility 
 +derived from the soul and virtue.